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Passionate about development
About Me
Who I am

Hello, I'm John, a young x year old student. My passion is IT but above all development because of its creative aspect full of possibilities which makes each project technically enriching. I discovered coding at the age of 9, and truly started coding at 13.


I am currently in the twelfth grade in the general track. I chose Mathematics, Digital & Computer Science, and Physics-Chemistry as my specialties in the eleventh grade because they align perfectly with my fascination for computer science.


Apart from computer science, I enjoy solving mathematical problems, and in life, I love playing the guitar, listening to rock, especially the band Green Day, drawing manga, and baking. However, the activity that takes up most of my time is coding.


I also love traveling. So far, I've only explored Europe, visiting Spain, England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and soon Poland. However, I would also like to discover more distant cities like New York, Tokyo, or Seoul.


In life, I aspire to become a video game developer, software engineer, or work in cybersecurity. Indeed, my goal is to be able to create what I want when I want, and for that, I want to develop my skills in as many computer-related fields as possible.

My greatest Passion

Computer science, particularly coding, remains my greatest passion. I've had the opportunity to explore it in group settings through events such as "La Nuit Du Code", where we created a game in a few hours, as well as with "Pass Ton Hack D'abord", a national high school-level cybersecurity competition.